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RESURRECTION PC – Making your computer/network FASTER / SAFER



Resurrection PC started as a ‘pro bono’ service to help friends with older computers (4-6 years old) that had so much “junk” they couldn’t even load  That was a few years ago now.



unable to connect


Generally in older computers “primarily MS Windows” people have not kept up with their antivirus and or malware protection.


running programs

Another generality is that there are usually 100’s of programs, some viewable and many not, that are all fighting to be “FIRST” and/or “HIGHEST PRIORITY” to run.

There are a few ways to remedy this common problem.

1) Use programs and research to hunt down and uninstall unwanted/unneeded software (hardest)

2) Back up only your known and needed files and wipe your hard drive and re install MS Windows and all other software (you have to have the original software and all required keys/licenses)

3) Replace your computer and start over (make sure you read my page on how to set up your new computer for longer lasting performance/safety)… coming soon.

4) Finally, you can turn it over to us at Resurrection PC and we do a quick analysis that will let you know the least expensive options to resurrect your computer or replacement.

Contact us via phone or email all over this site and we’ll discuss local services to metro Denver, CO and remote services frequently available around the world.

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