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Most of us actually know what we need to do to stay Resilient or “Balanced” and/or “Sane” really. I can say this because in this world of chaos and input overload, we have to.

Early in 2010 an Air Force Chaplain held a training day focused on “Resilience”. It was targeted at reducing Suicides in the USAF. While not many people are claiming they know why people take their own lives, I would say that it’s when people lose hope. He introduced the Four Quadrants of Wellness to me, they help me focus on areas of life to maintain my HOPE.

The FOUR QUADRANTS OF WELLNESS in its simplest form is measuring four areas of our life and implementing strategies to keep us sturdy, prepared, and consistent. (Great USAF Site) that goes into detail on all four areas with testimonies and stories to both educate and motivate.


“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”  ~ Booker T. Washington

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I like to think of these FOUR QUADRANTS as a four legged stool. If all four legs are there, the size, the strength, and condition needed, it is sturdy and can withstand some pressure. With one leg missing, the stool can still stay up and support with three, but just the right push/hit in the direction of that missing leg, down it goes.

Similar to our FOUR QUADRANTS, Mental, Social, Spiritual, and Physical; if three areas are strong but we have no Social life, we aren’t as sturdy and/or resilient.

The big thing that helped/helps me so much is grading myself on a scale of 0-10 on each of the four quadrants:

Four Quadrants Draft


Most people recognize fairly quickly that this is a logical list of things to focus on to stay balanced.  I’ve been focused on these for years now, and the most effective use has been to grade myself.  I always grade myself over the last 24 hours on a 0-10 scale, 0 being nothing (bad) and 10 being perfect.  And I use my childhood percentages to determine “passing” or not, i.e. see below:



Four Quadrants Mine


Then I ask myself why, i.e. Physical for the last 24 hours is 5 or 50% out of 100%. Now with my Physical measurement I include Diet and Fitness. So fitness, all I’ve done in the last 24 hours is a short, maybe 1/4 mile walk and a little strength training working on my boys car last night. As far as my diet, salad and baked potato last night and a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee this morning.

Why 9 or 90% in my Spiritual quadrant? I spent some great time listening to worship music (Christian Rap for me) last night and this morning. And I got my devotional completed and forwarded out to some friends.

So where this really comes into play is when I or somebody I know is really struggling, basically having a hard time starting or completing anything, or just not wanting to even get up/out. Many times we get stuck, and think, I should call a friend, or pray, or maybe work out… But many times we just can’t take the steps or the actions to just get started on any of those. If we could just grade ourselves, and maybe focus on our lowest score alone, that may just be the kick start we need to GET UP / GO!

Finally, where this concept of the Four Quadrants of Wellness came to me in a time of need and or just short of desperation, now I can use them to not just survive, but:



This tool was a part of helping me to train for my first marathon, to complete my bachelor’s degree, to build this website…

I’m working on a video presentation that I’ll be posting below soon. It is much easier to speak to and draw out than to explain here. Thanks so much for your patience and feel free to contact me directly with any questions/suggestions.

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