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Keeping it simple…

Once again, most of you already know what you need to eat and not eat, what you need and can do for exercise.

All I have for diet and fitness are my green smoothies and running.  Below are some videos I made if you want to try what has worked for me.  If you have ANY questions or comments just click the Email me link to the right here, I’ll personally answer most within 24 hours.

People ask me all the time how I got started drinking these smoothies.

You gotta watch this first http:

Green Smoothie Basic


Making my daily drink that crushes any of my energy drinks from the 7/11 or my fav triple Venti Wt Mocha:)


How talking about your diet can get you some great advice…  I’ve added fresh ground turmeric to my smoothie for general healing purposes and according to my Mom :) Alzheimer’s fighting abilities.


I know treadmill training can be extremely boring and tough to start but if you have a goal to put some miles on and raise that heart rate, it will get it done.


Today was a tougher run than normal, crazy busy and I’ve been VERY tired and didn’t want to. But… did it anyway:)